Another customer from Zimbabwe purchased our Solar panel camera for his house

Date: 2022-07-19 17:55:20    Source:

4G sim card Solar panel camera for outdoor use


This client Ms Georgia lived in UK ,but business was in Zimbabwe ,he choosed 4pcs PTZ Solar panel 4G camera from us , and 128GB memory card.

But during the negotiating process ,i felt very tight and not happy ,she transferred the payment two times ,but miss the long

part of our Beneficiary name ,i think she dont understand well because of culture shock .If for other clients ,after when i tell them

how to write the name ,and forward to their local bank ,then will be solved without any troubles . But she told her local bank cannot

do this correction letter ,i can not believe what she said .

During this process ,she said after when the money return back to her bank ,she will not buy from us . After when i heard this ,felt very angry ,

waste my time ,and not respect . I delete her quickly ,and bye . But after some days again ,we received her payment ,and as a honest businessman ,i told myself ,

must told her we’ve got her money ,and will arrange her order send out soon . She said great and thanks to me .

After 14 days later ,she’s finally receive this pacakge . I hope next time she will find a new solution for remit the money if she still want to buy something from us.