Mozambique client used our Vehicle SD card MDVR solution for his long range car fleet

Date: 2022-07-19 17:18:13    Source:

Long distance Bus monitor real-time streaming videos


On 2018,one client from Mozambique talked with me that he was interested in our Vehicle SD card mobile DVR system .

After I introduced to him all details ,he said will revert .But after so many months later ,it seems he still no any orders on hand ,but we still keep the contact .

Till the end of 2019, he introduced one client to me ,said need 27 sets Mobile SD card DVR with cameras,it’s the last order of 2019 ,very good.

During on our Spring festival, he said need to buy one physical server from us ,i quoted him and close the deal before we back to working .

To be honest ,his company was in a mess,not regulated one guy in his own position ,one special engineer ,when met some technical issues ,

then all of his company guys asked me ,so i need to answer them separately .

After so many times like this ,i told them pls create one whatsapp group ,

i dont have enough time to answer each guy for the same question ,you should respect my time .

His bus fleet only has 27 units bus which installed Vehicle MDVR , the boss of TML not developed new business ,and not bought again from us.

Till 2022, his video can not be shown ,then all of their guys felt anxious ,then the same thing hanppen again, has 4 guys asked me the same question ,

i was so angry by this ,let them ask on the group ,dont send me message separately .

These African guys really not any regulations ,no time concept,no contract spirit ,and sometimes not respect others .

After we solve this issue for him ,we provide one contract about one year server maintenance service.

His company big boss agreed with this ,but when send the money ,experience one month for just pay 1/3 ,still have balance was needed to pay .

By this ,i felt not want to serve his company again ,no money how to do the business ?

Anyway ,hope can received another 1/3 payment again .