Dominican republic customer who cooperated with us for 7+ years till now

Date: 2022-07-20 02:07:40    Source:

Home 4CH & 8CH WIFI Security camera kits ,not need any power connection between camera and NVR


This client was from North America ,who has cooperated with us for 7years till now . He has a big store for sell GPS Tracker ,Motorcycle and Home security CCTV cameras and other household products.

He usually hold motorcycle race in his area ,the motorcycle fleet was extremely big , many motorcycle enthusiasts like to take participate in this race.

I still remembered for the first time doing business with him ,he dont have any experience for import ,so was full of worried ,he’s afraid that the suppliers dont send out the goods after he paid . But he trust me very much ,that’s because i keep following up every step ,and he’s actually receive the goods which bought from us. So he started to let me help him investigate some factories and suppliers ,and pay me commissions.

I felt very happy for doing this ,and then he bought many different products from us ,since from 2016 ,2017,2018,and 2019,2020,2021,and 2022,never stopped .

Even though this year 2022 was very hard to develop the business ,and i’ve complained him a lot ,but eventually he confirmed one new order to us ,very thanks to him , can trust me and trust our proudcts . Hope we can cooperated again for next years .