Japanese Agriculture harvester 7inch Monitor with reverse camera

Date: 2022-07-19 10:32:58    Source: www.sfcans.com

Kubota Agriculture harvester install our 7inch Monitor with reverse camera system


This client from South Korea ,but sell our 7inch monitor system to Japanese market ,

he’ve contacted one big Japanese Agriculture machine factory who need a big demand for Camera system .

For the first beginning ,installed some and run for some time period ,but some amound were got broken .

He took some photos to us ,our engineer checked and said this installation position way not good ,will be got very big shock,then shatter the screen .

So it must be need to fix the bracket tightly .

After tested again ,it seems more better than before ,no more monitor screens were broken .

And he purchased some small orders again .

So for sales ,can solve client’s headache issues is the biggest and the strongest competitive power.