Best Taxi surveillance Mobile camera DVR solutions

Date: 2021-07-29 17:04:43    Source:

With the rapid development of many country's economy, increasing of the people’s travel demand, the number of taxis also will continue to increase.Sunrise security Tech Taxi Mobile DVR & cameras system played a very important function


Taxi company management is also facing challenges. Based on this situation, for needs of the company’s development, through the installation of Telematics terminals on-board the vehicle can effectively solve the above problems encountered by taxi company.

Configuring 4 channel reported front side cameras with internal audio which is able to monitor and record the entire process of the operational status of the taxi driver’s job, not only prevent the driver from illegal operations, but also as a distinction in the driver and passenger disputes or theft occurred evidence of responsibility, supervise the driver to establish a good image of company at the same time to maintain the interests of the taxi company and the passengers.

Configure the emergency alarm button, to keep abreast of the situation inside the taxi and deal with emergencies on time.

Equipped with GPS module can record vehicle’s location, easy strengthen the management of taxi operations.