GPS Tracker Magnetic GSM/GPRS Real Time Vehicle Tracking Device

No. : SF-GP19    Type: GPS Tracker & Mini Tracker

Products Code:  SF-GP19

Mini Children Pets Elderly Vehicle gps tracker

Main features:

  • Small size, easy to carry.

  • Multiple Positioning Modes: GPS+AGPS+LBS+WiFi.

  • Global Universal GSM+GPRS Four Frequency System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz.

  • Location query: the specific location of users can be queried by mobile phone or computer.

  • Geofence: After the geofence is setup, the app on smartphone will send alert when the kid or else are out of the range of the geofence.

  • History track: query the running track of equipment anytime and anywhere within three months.

  • SOS Call for Rescue: In case of emergency, press the SOS key, that is, to send a call and information to the guardian for help.

  • Address Book: Add/view Supervisory Numbers (SOS, Dad, Mom)/Friends (50 in total) through App of Guardian’s Mobile Phone.

  • Two-way Call: Address Book Number can intercom with the user.

  • Device Finding: Device Loss Can be Finded by Mobile App.

  • Pedometer: can measure user’s walking data.

  • Equipment alarm clock: set by guardian’s cell phone APP.

  • Class anti-interference mode: set the non-interference time range through the guardian’s mobile phone APP, and shield the incoming calls by APP.

  • Remote monitoring: a highly sensitive microphone that monitors the surrounding sound in real time in case of an emergency.

  • Remote shutdown: Device shutdown function can be realized by guardian’s mobile phone APP.

  • Remote Restart: Device Restart Function Can be Realized by Guardian Mobile App.

  • Intelligent Power Saving: Turn off/turn on GPS and data upload within a time frame.

  • Multiple platforms: mobile client/micro-messenger/computer service, multi-control modes.

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