Car GPS 4G WiFi Dash Camera

No. : SF-DSC08    Type: Car dash camera

Products Code:  SF-DSC08

Vehicle Digital Video DVR Dash Camera


This product is a 4G universal car DVR with high-definition 1080P camera.

One-click snapshot, parking monitoring, real-time remote live broadcast, track playback, Wi-Fi point-to-point preview.

4G network sharing, ultra-low power consumption, multi-functional high-definition dashcam.

Main Feature:

  1. Live broadcast function

Condition: The DVR needs to be online and the network connection is normal.

Function introduction: you can remotely view the real-time dynamic picture of the vehicle on your mobile phone.

After playing 1 minute, it will prompt whether to save the video on your mobile phone.

Voice transmission: During the live broadcast, you can also tap (press and hold to speak), and the DVR will broadcast what you are talking.

(Note: Due to the real-time live broadcast function, it depends on the network status.

  1. Remote snapshot function:

Applicable scenarios: If you want to know the real-time status of the car, it will upload pictures and vehicle location information after you click on the snapshot.

  1. How to view the video of the memory card in the DVR through mobile phone.

  2. Historical driving track query (check yesterday and previous driving tracks)

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