How to set up the resolution then can record less HDD & SD card capacity?

Date: 2022-04-28 07:28:39    Source:

1TB hard disk can record for above 90days

Last time our Argentina client ask if have any ways to make the 1080P SD card MDVR record less SD card capacity ,we

told him our MDVR support this function ,you can set up from MDVR menu or set from CMSV6 when this MDVR online .

All of the 4 channels set CIF resolution ,Frame set 25fps,then you will find the record video will be about 150MB per hour ,

4pcs cameras can record above 90days by 1TB Hard disk .

Recently our Australian customer also ask this ,he said why last shipment MDVR only can record for 12 days ,

i said that’s because our default resolution is set 720P ,not CIF . I have told him let those MDVRs online first ,

then i can set up remotely for you.Now the client was happy and will make another order soon.