1)Remote control with alarm on/off function;
2)GPS/GSM station positioning;
3)SMS/GPRS/internet network data transfer;
4)Point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring;
5)Continuously auto track upon different time and distance intervals;
6)Absolute street address with GSM network;
7)SD card for data logging;
8)Support 9-36V, so it can be installed on Bus, taxi, 
truck ,personal car, business car etc;
9)Maximum 5 cell phone numbers are allowed to admin the tracker;
10)Other functions: SOS, Geo-fence, movement alarm, 
over speed alarm, accident alarm, voice monitoring etc;
11)Cut off the oil and power system;
12)One Year Free Platform;
13)Shock sensor and siren;

1)It can support alarm and motion detection function, can add a powerful barrier for home security; 2)It can support infrared night vision function, can monitor the visitors in very dark environment; 3)It can support Android? IOS , one doorbell can support multiple mobile phone connection at the same time; 4)Whatever when you are at home or in other places , you also can listen the visitors calling at anytime, also can see the situations in front of the door;

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