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November 2018 Surveillance Storage in the Age of AI

Source: | 2018-11-12

As connected digital devices replace standalone analog devices, they are generating vast amounts of data that, in turn, enable us to refine and improve systems and processes – both security and in general – in ways that could not be imagined in the past.
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Eventually, Big Data and AI metadata will be as critical as the introduction of electricity – touching nearly every aspect of our lives – and the consequences will be significant. By 2025, an average connected person anywhere in the world will interact with connected devices – computers, mobile devices, smart TVs and more – nearly 4,800 times a day. That equates to essentially one interaction every 18 seconds. In the next few years, an additional 26 billion sensors will be installed worldwide to help manage, monitor and improve our daily lives.

In this increasingly connected world, where access to real-time information has more or less become a necessity, our thirst for data has never been greater than it is today, and that thirst will only continue to grow. This is especially true in the video surveillance space, where data is being analyzed more than ever.
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