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Stay safe, share family moments and make life easier with smart home surveillance

Source: ES standard news | 2018-09-03

Sfcans sunrise security tech has been in the DIY video surveillance business since the 2008.
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The firm’s experience is clear to see in the excellent performance and construction of its Smart Security Camera, which records in 1080p, indoors or out. Perhaps its most interesting feature is “True Detect”, which triggers recording and alerts when the camera picks up on heat from a warm object. The benefit of this mechanism became clear when a greetings card fell off our mantelpiece during testing – the Swann Smart Security Camera ignored the false signal, whilst two competing cameras set up in the same room were triggered.

Another impressive feature of this camera is the ingenious way it attaches to its stand – using a powerfully magnetic ball and socket – which allows it to be positioned however you like, whether on a horizontal surface or a wall.
Customer oriented, innovated design, and welcome you to supply your designs to us and we guarantee the quality.
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