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Our Participation in Intersec Dubai 2017



The world’s leading and most international security and safety exhibition is far more than a successful meeting platform. This is where new projects and partnerships are initiated, where visionary objectives are conceived and implemented.


Intersec promises to be even bigger in 2017, it will present over 1,200 exhibitors that will showcase a truly comprehensive range of products across five broad sections, including Commercial Security, Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health and Homeland Security & Policing.

New sub-product sections will be also introduced during the 18th edition of the show: Smart Home & Home Automation Equipment, Safety Design in Buildings and Physical & Perimeter Security.

It’s your chance to discover a broad spectrum of safety and security products developed for variety of industries.

Security camera

2017 International Defense and Security Exhibition

Hardware HDD MDVR advantages:


  1. Hard disk extraction with double shock absorber design (4 oil absorber + 4 group shock absorber springs), not only useful the vehicle is moving but it also reduces the shock while you take hard disk off.


  1. Maximum support of 12ch video input.


  1. Standard VGA output interface, display high-definition real-time image.


  1. Standard RS232 x1 / RS485x1, maximum support 4 groups RS232.


  1. Standard G-SENSOR module, the vehicle can record the three-axis gravity situation, easy to determine the accident process.


  1. All models are DC 8 - 36V wide voltage input supported, and can be applied to a variety of power ranges to cope with the power surge, not need for an external transformer.


  1. The models come with audio and video input using lock-type aviation connector design, the interface leads directly to the host backplane, to effectively avoid vibration. Power / ground / image and sound are transmitted through the aviation line, significantly reducing the number of interface connectors.


  1. Each model of the host itself can provide DC 12V power output, enough to provide all the cameras use (through aviation Connector provided). (SD Card and HDD 4ch MDVR / 3Am, HDD 8ch and 12ch MDVR / 5Am).


  1. 3/4G communication module function, you can immediately return the vehicle driving video, location and driving information.


  1. The intercom function is supported to facilitate the communication (added 3/4G communication module).


  1. Satellite communication module function, recording the vehicle tracking and start time.


  1. External host status display, easy to master the host operating status and remote control operation.


  1. RJ-45 network serial port module to provide wired network link.


  1. Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hot spot and LED light board display.


  1. There are eight sets of I/O for the video to be recorded: door open / close to turn to open and close / headlights open / close / reverse / brake.


  1. Trigger linked display and single-screen function.





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